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The Immoralist _Follow Up_Surgerypr_1

You may recall my previous article on THE IMMORALIST collaboration between Firetrap and London’s ‘cult couturier’ Ziad Ghanem for Spring/Summer 2010.

I’ve just received these amazing images of the seven-piece capsule range which celebrates a festival of colour, texture and form, shiny futuristic metallics which are juxtaposed against 3D shapes and easy-to-wear fabrics, creating pieces full of wit and character.

As mentioned in the previous article, THE IMMORALIST was inspired by the Andre Gide novel (of the same name) and takes in a myriad of references from Hollywood’s glamorous Golden Age, to London’s multi-cultural mix.

“It’s the American Dream turned into a British Reality.”

– Ziad Ghanem

From Pop Art to Fast Food, the positivity of post-war 1950s America is the inspiration behind the collection, reflecting on the era of youthful optimism and a future full of promise.

The capsule range is due for exhibition within City Hall before going under auction in support of The Mayor’s Fund for London.





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