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In The Birdcage


It’s fantastic to see that a few of avant garde London-based designer Marko Mitanovski‘s dark and theatrical designs have made their way to Lady Gaga’s November video of her tour  DAZED & CONFUSED‘s very own editor – Nicola Formichetti – used a few of his amazingly crafted masterpieces for Lady Gaga’s video of her tour …!  I’ve been a  HUGE bloody fan of his since the beginning and this is amazing exposure for him, and it would be safe to say he’d be pretty stoked!!!!

In this video – MANIFESTO OF A LITTLE MONSTER(above) she’s wearing his black top, and during – EXORCIST INTERLUDE – (Montreal), she wears Mitanovski’s white pleated skirt (below).

In the below video – THE MONSTER BALL TOUR DVD – INTERLUDE:  DANCING (PART 17) – see’s her sporting the exquisite horns from his  Spring/Summer 2010 show which were crafted by the talented Nina Butkovich-Budden!!!


You Tube

Nick Knight:  SHOWstudio

Stylist:  Nicola Formichetti

Marko Mitanovski

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