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German fashion photographer – Thomas Sing – is currently taking part in a research project at the University of Augsberg about labels, brands, pop/consumer culture and literature, and his photo shoot – IT’S ALL ABOUT GETTING LAID AND WASTED – is a culmination of his work.

His aesthetic  here is wonderfully sleek and polished, and translates his theme really well.  There’s emotion within the atmosphere of the shoot and it has a voyeur appeal.  Just amazing!

Here’s what Sing has to say about IT’S ALL ABOUT GETTING LAID AND WASTED:

(It’s) beautiful, dirty, rich … the model is reading Lolita Pille’s ‘HELL’, a fantastic french story about a Parisian upper-class girl who’s stuck in a cortex of drinking, taking drugs, clubbing, starving, and love (which she loses at the sad end … This book was a big inspiration for that shoot, so I decided to show it on one picture.

It’s a set about high fashion’s close connections between eroticism and death.  The number Zero.  The sex-appeal of the commodity (->Walter Benjamin).

I wanted these pictures to be sexy, but at a degree on which sexiness is accompanied by the slight but increasing feeling of having to throw up, metaphorically speaking … which is the strongest form of eroticism, I think.  And the only one that counts.  At least for me.

For more on the work of Thomas Sing, check out his blog!

Photography:  Thomas Sing
Styling & Make-up:  Chiara Padovan
Model:  Maria Justus
This shoot used lots of vintage fur.

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