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London-based Swedish designer SIMON EKRELIUS started his career in haute couture and, four years ago moved into the realm of ready-to-wear.  His most recent  Autumn/Winter 2010-11collection – STARDUST – is proving to be quite the sparkling diamond!

His work is unapologetically modern with sunny yellow accents set against a backdrop of gunpowder black and silver shades in a marriage which exudes polished, high glamour.  The collection glorifies the feminine aesthetic and is undeniably reminiscent of Old Hollywood circa 1930s.

Ekrelius’s avant garde creations look exceptionally interesting not only for their cut, but also for their black and white graphic prints. His signature use of organza shows meticulous design and skill, yet are uncomplicated in their execution.  Utilising simple yet gorgeous fabrics such as silk marocaine, silk organza, yarn silk, wool and cotton blends, as well as hand- dyed cotton organza, this designer certainly knows the importance of choosing the right fabric to achieve the right outcome.

The label is currently stocked at My Sugarland in London, UK, as well as DADA Meeting Point in Italy & China.



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