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WRANGLER‘s Spring/Summer 2010 range – VEGAS HEAT – is fresh, vintage denim with the thrill of the outdoors – adrenaline and all – the bright lights and the desert – wild parties and daring races.

Wrangler’s denim history originates from 1904 when the Hudson Overall Company was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.  In 1919 the company relaunched as Blue Bell and in 1947 – with the start of a range of jeans for cowboys – it was renamed – WRANGLER – the name of a working cowboy.  (Little history lesson, guys!)

RIDE WILD : A collection of vibrant vintage-inspired styles, such as the bluest blue denim jeans;  Summer black, and grey-black for the alternative amongst us.  The washes are worn and dusty, and all have that authentic vintage look and feel.  It’s simple, it’s iconic.  The style is sexy, but comfortable gear for tearing around town in – pure jeanswear and classic cool.

As far as fit is concerned, there have been some change:  key products for Spring/Summer in mens are 3 core cuts:  (1)The Spencer – perfect slim;  (2) Ace – regular, straight;  and the (3) Crank – exquisitely modern fit with a low-rise and straight leg.

The women’s range features focus fits of the season being the regular skinny Stokes, the low skinny Molly and the low tapered Spencer.  Jackets come in denim and leather, and the bolero available in both, waist coats, tiny rolled shorts, and if it’s a jumpsuit you’re looking for, they have it, too.

1947: Inspired by tough workwear, the engineer as artist.  These are hard-wearing clothes in a soft palette of grey, brown and blue, the sort of kit that Jack Kerouac and Jackson Pollock wore, and directly referencing Wrangler’s role supplying workwear to the US military in the 1940s.

51st Star: Is full of bang and flash – light, bright clothes for party nights.  The legendary rivalry between motorcycle stunt riders – Evel Knievel & Eddie Kidd – supplies the driving image.  Think starlets and fireworks with red, white & blue sharp contrasts.

Check out their full range of accessories which draws out the vintage aesthetic.



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