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We wander around without thinking, in the arrogant assumption that we are more than what we are. We imagine we are superheroes when we are no more than the appearance of a hard shell that can be crushed between finger and thumb. Fragility with a high degree of ignorance.

Spanish designers XAVIER ZAZO and CLARA BRULL, and their label ZAZO & BRULL present their new collection, FRAGIL,  a selection of pieces from their Autumn/Winter 10/11 Collection in which they reflect on human frailty and the fact that we are so often unaware of our condition.   This fashion installation represents the weakness of the human condition in all its aspects:

as we move deeper inside this labyrinth of blocks that seemingly protect human forms we discover the various figures hiding within it.  Highly structured and patterned forms that may seem to be representations of more advanced beings — not of this earth, armoured — whose tough protective shell conceals and denies any hint of human weakness.   Female figures that represent not what we are but what we would like to be.

Their recent collections have attracted attention thanks to the strength of their inspiration with titles like:

BereniceDiary of a MadmanThe Mutant Girlfriend and Forgotten Heroines – give us little grounds to hope for a happy ending. What we have instead is blood and broken hearts, sketched-out romance with dark touches as a marker of identity.

Both Zazo and Brull use their collections to tell stories, believing clothes are not just something you wear but also a form of self expression.  Based on their personal experiences, they’ve created an imaginary world where each season they draw a new character from an existing story or one invented especially by them.  They admire the tenderness found in the work of Joe Sorren (I totally recommend a visit to his site),  the mix of innocence and perversion that characterises Mark Ryden’s blood series, and the boundless imagination of the characters created by Tim Burton.

If you’re in Barcelona during the first half of March, this installation will be well worth a visit!


Arts Santa Mònica

La Rambla 7 Barcelona, SPAIN





March 12,13 and 14,

from 11h to 21h



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