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“I wanted to capture that sense of someone on the border, crossing back and forth,” –  Wasson.

low luv by erin wasson
peace and love earrings – gold
AUD $109

Multi-talented model/designer Erin Wasson and famed jeweller Pascal Mouawad are excited to announce the debut of LowLuv by Erin Wasson fashion jewellery.

low luv by erin wasson
snake hinged cuff – silver
AUD $375

After three seasons working together on the LowLuv fine jewellery range, Pascal Mouawad and Erin Wasson are expanding on their success, introducing LowLuv Costume.

The new line comprises approximately 25 layerable styles¾rings, necklaces and bangles in base metal plated in gold or silver. Retail prices for the debut collection range from AUD$80 – $375.

low luv by erin wasson
scalloped cuff – silver
AUD $99

low luv by erin wasson
armor knuckle ring – silver
AUD $129

“I’ve loved making fine jewellery, and I’ll be working with Mouawad on a few fine pieces going forward,” says Wasson. ”But I really felt like it was time to open up LowLuv to the customer who’s been lusting after the expensive stuff, but could never afford it. That’s my girl. She’s the girl who wears Erin Wasson x RVCA,” she adds, “and I wanted to make LowLuv attainable for her, too.”

low luv by erin wasson
crater bangle – gold
AUD $89
low luv by erin wasson
bone stack bracelet – gold
AUD $109

As she brings LowLuv into line with her Erin Wasson x RVCA brand, price point-wise, Wasson is also nudging the endeavors together aesthetically. Just as Erin Wasson x RVCA’s January 2010 collection was inspired by Wasson’s imagined walkabout through the Southwestern desert, the pieces from her debut LowLuv costume collection seem like artifacts of that trip. Metalwork conjures traditional Mexican handicraft; etched symbols suggest ancient Native American glyphs; bold statement necklaces feel timelessly tribal. Per usual, however, Wasson’s distinctively streetwise style speaks through each piece, putting a modern spin on her ages-old inspiration.

low luv by erin wasson
faceted boulder ring – gold
AUD $99

low luv by erin wasson
faceted boulder ring – silver
AUD $99



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Nicole Richie’s brilliant debut collection follows inspiration from her sought-after style.  Layering unexpected combinations of materials and themes, she contrasts feminine mixed with edgy and bold, and modern mixed with native.

Using leather, rivets, gold plated metals and a beautiful palette of colors to decorate the array of pieces, Nicole explores every theme true to the bohemian look; from gypsy to tribal, flower child to edgy street wear.

“I’ve always felt that great accessories are essential in every complete outfit and I wanted to create a collection that was easy to mix and match; to either wear alone as an everyday piece, or stack on to make more of a statement. I love accessories. You can wear the same jeans and T-shirt every day and make it look completely different just by accessorizing.” Nicole Richie.


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SWATCH launched the brand new FULL  BLOODED WHITE watch at their flagship store re-launch yesterday, and celebrity Kelly Osbourne was one of the celebrities quite keen to show it off!

Looking similar to Chanel‘s Ceramic watch, Swatch gives you the look, but for less, and looks fantastic against a tanned wrist (for those of us in the southern hemisphere!)

Pop over to the Swatch store to view their entire collection …

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To celebrate the 2009 CreArt Collection, Swatch and its partner Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS are giving away a Billy the Artist Morning Glow watch!

Become a fan:

SWATCH US (Facebook)



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