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Photographer: Lisa Carletta

Assistant:  Sarah Douillez

Stylist:  Olivia@C’est Chic

Hair + MakeUp:   Koko C @ Zazou C

Editing:  Cécile Stevens,

Thanks to:  Vintage Hotel,

Talented Belgian photographer – Lisa Carletta – has just released an amazing  collection based on the 1960s cult movie – The Village Of The Damned.

Haunting scenes featuring blonde people in a classroom (below), holding candy canes in a hallway, in a school yard + gymnasium, and my favourite … the 3D scene.

Lisa Carletta

Rita Smile + Ludovic Hanton


Benny Vandevelde + Helena Chambon

Eileen CAYTAN @ C’est Chic

Philippe Adrien Coelho @ Gonay

Chloe Mannequins @ Flag Models,
Clara and Cindy @ New Models,
Loammi and Sebastian @ IMM

Cecile Stevens,

These pics have just been published in the Victoire Mag where Lisa is a regular contributor, and/or you can view the entire series, plus her entire portfolio, on her award winning website.



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(Left)  Jacket by (GFF) Gianfranco Ferre Menswear, bikini shorts by Lagerfeld, white leggings by H&M.
(Right)  Trousers by (GFF) Gianfranco Ferre, bodysuit by Aria.

Here’s another one of Thomas Sing‘s amazing shoots! 

FLOATING ARCHITECTURE is part of his 2009/2010 portfolio and was taken in an aquarium just 2 hours prior to the actual shoot!  He took the opportunity last summer to use it, but only had 2 hours to come up with the concept as the aquarium was usually rented out the under water shows.

(Front)  Dress by Gianfranco Ferre, leggings by Calzedonia, belt stylist's own.
(Back)  Shirt by Gianfranco Ferre Studio (Menswear), Stockings by Calzedonia.
(Left)  Shirt by Gianfranco Ferre Studio (Menswear), Stockings by Calzedonia, Shorts by Intimissimi, Belt Stylist's own.
(Right)  Dress by Gianfranco Ferre Studio,Leggings by Calzedonia, Belt Stylist's own.

We decided to use our Ferre clothes because we thought that it could be a nice effect expressing Ferre’s architectonic designs through movements and figures in the water.  The whole set was shot with one model and 5 outfits within not much more than an hour.  Just a few shots for each outfit, changing the clothes, back underwater … later we combined two figures for each image digitally.

(Top)  Trousers by Gianfranco Ferre, Bodysuit by Aria.
(Bottom)  Trousers by Gianfranco Ferre Studio, Swimsuit by LaPerla

(Top)  Trousers by Gianfranco Ferre Studio, Bodysuit by Aria.
(Bottom)  Trousers by (GFF) Gianfranco Ferre Studio, Swimsuit by LaPerla.

Watch this space as I definitely will be featuring this talented fashion photographer again!

Photograhy:  Thomas Sing
Styling & Make-up:  Chiara Padovan

For more on Thomas Sing’s work, you can visit his WEBSITE as well as his BLOG!

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German fashion photographer – Thomas Sing – is currently taking part in a research project at the University of Augsberg about labels, brands, pop/consumer culture and literature, and his photo shoot – IT’S ALL ABOUT GETTING LAID AND WASTED – is a culmination of his work.

His aesthetic  here is wonderfully sleek and polished, and translates his theme really well.  There’s emotion within the atmosphere of the shoot and it has a voyeur appeal.  Just amazing!

Here’s what Sing has to say about IT’S ALL ABOUT GETTING LAID AND WASTED:

(It’s) beautiful, dirty, rich … the model is reading Lolita Pille’s ‘HELL’, a fantastic french story about a Parisian upper-class girl who’s stuck in a cortex of drinking, taking drugs, clubbing, starving, and love (which she loses at the sad end … This book was a big inspiration for that shoot, so I decided to show it on one picture.

It’s a set about high fashion’s close connections between eroticism and death.  The number Zero.  The sex-appeal of the commodity (->Walter Benjamin).

I wanted these pictures to be sexy, but at a degree on which sexiness is accompanied by the slight but increasing feeling of having to throw up, metaphorically speaking … which is the strongest form of eroticism, I think.  And the only one that counts.  At least for me.

For more on the work of Thomas Sing, check out his blog!

Photography:  Thomas Sing
Styling & Make-up:  Chiara Padovan
Model:  Maria Justus
This shoot used lots of vintage fur.

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THE BOYS IN KAISER’S COURT is a mood-filled photo shoot by one of  New York City’s best kept secrets.

Photographer SEAN P WATTERS work titled – THE BOYS IN KAISER’S COURT – features two upcoming and albeit well known faces on Ford Models board –  Isaac Carew (featured in this quarter’s L’Officiel Hommes) and Aiden Andrews (a recent winner of Ford’s Vman competition).

THE BOYS IN KAISER’S COURT illustrates the story about angst, envy and a false sense of self.  Stylized via fashion from Cavalli to Jose Duran to Manuel de la Cruz to Marc Jacobs, their world uses fashion to help them find their footing.

“They are luminous as they are tough as they are fragile yet ultimately beautiful.”

Specializing in male fashion photography, Watters style integrates his accomplished background in dance and a heavy influence of iconic women images, breathing air into the life of his provocative images to converse with his audience.

Sean’s work has been featured in Gus Magazine, New York Press, Time Out, and Fantastic Mag, with many of his editorials featuring some of the world’s most recognizable faces, for example Calvin Klein‘s Andrew Stetson, TV star Penn Badgley, and sports star of the Philadelphia PhilliesCole Hamels.


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Ronnie (Elmer Olsen Models) getting a fitting by Richard Autio (stylist)

Ronnie (Elmer Olsen Models) getting a fitting by Richard Autio (stylist)

Justin Borbely (photographer) 
Justin Borbely (photographer)

We decided to use a hijab for the 2010 Spring/Summer shoot.  We were all trying to figure out how to put one on.  Finally figured it out using Youtube....
Using a hijab for the 2010 Spring/Summer shoot.

Alia Juma with Justin Borbely
Alia Juma with Justin Borbely

Via  Juma blog

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Crédits :
Photo : Lisa Carletta
Assistant : Maxime Pasque
Retouche : Cécile Stevens –
Stylisme : Olivia@c’est chic, assistée de Benny Benny Van de Velde
Make up & Hair : Brigitte Petit@c’est chic, assistée d’Orla McKeating
Models : Alice Van Marcke@Dominique Models, Yulia@Flag Models et Clara De Decker@New Models Agency
Merci au Pathé Palace pour le décor –

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