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An investigation into post World War II fashion and the return to nature. The collection draws from the Belle Epoque ideal of long skirts, tiny waists and beautiful fabrics, traditional concepts of femininity, and the notion of ‘flower women.

This combined heightened technical knowledge from a combination of vintage couture techniques learnt from studding at London College of Fashion and an internship at Alexander McQueen women’s wear. The result, hip-emphasizing skirts, lace-edged slips, and petticoats that are hybridized into modern variations. Reworking classic wasp-waisted silhouette to a strong modern aesthetic. The garments range from padded-hip coats, elegant evening gowns, strong-shouldered tops and skirts. All presented in a stunning palette of yellow, raspberry and lavender contrasted against black and white.

Artist Tane Andrews and costumier Kira Goodey formed Australian fashion label – OF CABBAGES & KINGS – back in 2005,  and have enjoyed huge success with their collections.  Drawn together by a mutual respect for fine design, architectural history and insect entomology,  Andrews + Goodey sculpted their influences into wearable inimitable pieces which are at once both vulgar and eerily beautiful.   The duo’s foray into jewellery design carried immediate success, and saw the launch of three critically acclaimed collections. Their refined and delicate interpretations of shudder-inducing insects and anatomical parts earned them exposure in Vogue Living Australia, Oyster Magazine and a host of independent publications, and awards were not far behind.  OC&K were selected as finalists for SOYA (Quantas spirit of youth awards) in 2007 and formed part of the final 18 designers chosen for Design Now!, a national competition showcasing Australia’s most promising design talent.

It seemed natural that OC&K would take their distinct design aesthetic to fashion design, and 2008 witnessed the inaugural OC&K fashion collection.  Twisting the same macabre subject matter the duo had become known for into wearable fabric pushed the label to a higher level both creatively and publicly.  Their first collection was snapped up by Perth fashion Mecca Dilettante and the duo soon took their talents to London for an internship with fashion heavy weight, the late + great Mr Alexander McQueen.

From London they weaved their magic into the Australian spring/summer collection, to be shown at 2009 Style Aid and Perth Fashion Festival.   The duo soon caught the eye of Canadian electro band Dandi Wind, who demanded a series of costumes for film clips and an upcoming tour.  Clad in OC&K garments, Dandi Wind writhed her way through Asia and into cross-continental living rooms, and in an instant OC&K went global.   The culminating point came in Dandi Wind’s appearance, resplendent in OC&K, at the American music festival South by South West, in 2008.

The success in 2009 has continued unchecked, with OC&K’s current winter collection debuting at London Alternative Fashion Week to an overwhelming response.  Poised for international recognition the ambitious young designers from WA have London Fashion Week 2010 in their sights as part of the New Generation category and are determined to make the international fashion industry sit up and take stock of the talent Australia has to offer.


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We wander around without thinking, in the arrogant assumption that we are more than what we are. We imagine we are superheroes when we are no more than the appearance of a hard shell that can be crushed between finger and thumb. Fragility with a high degree of ignorance.

Spanish designers XAVIER ZAZO and CLARA BRULL, and their label ZAZO & BRULL present their new collection, FRAGIL,  a selection of pieces from their Autumn/Winter 10/11 Collection in which they reflect on human frailty and the fact that we are so often unaware of our condition.   This fashion installation represents the weakness of the human condition in all its aspects:

as we move deeper inside this labyrinth of blocks that seemingly protect human forms we discover the various figures hiding within it.  Highly structured and patterned forms that may seem to be representations of more advanced beings — not of this earth, armoured — whose tough protective shell conceals and denies any hint of human weakness.   Female figures that represent not what we are but what we would like to be.

Their recent collections have attracted attention thanks to the strength of their inspiration with titles like:

BereniceDiary of a MadmanThe Mutant Girlfriend and Forgotten Heroines – give us little grounds to hope for a happy ending. What we have instead is blood and broken hearts, sketched-out romance with dark touches as a marker of identity.

Both Zazo and Brull use their collections to tell stories, believing clothes are not just something you wear but also a form of self expression.  Based on their personal experiences, they’ve created an imaginary world where each season they draw a new character from an existing story or one invented especially by them.  They admire the tenderness found in the work of Joe Sorren (I totally recommend a visit to his site),  the mix of innocence and perversion that characterises Mark Ryden’s blood series, and the boundless imagination of the characters created by Tim Burton.

If you’re in Barcelona during the first half of March, this installation will be well worth a visit!


Arts Santa Mònica

La Rambla 7 Barcelona, SPAIN





March 12,13 and 14,

from 11h to 21h


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But that can’t be said of Doma’s aesthetic vision. Grey and powerful, over sized and often bloc patterned, Damir Doma created a breathtaking show at the Garage on Rue de Turenne. Many models were hooded or wore turban-esque hats and both continued the feeling of having joined a secretive following. A few Feodora hats even had an Amish touch to them.

– Dazed Digital


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Very exciting news … ROMANCE WAS BORN are launching their very own concept store “Pearl’s Dream”!

Their inspiration comes via their latest collection – DOILIES AND PEARLS, OYSTERS AND SHELLS, and opens the doors to the public from Friday November 27 to Sunday 31 January 2010 @ THE INTERSECTION, 2A Glenmore Road, Paddington!!!


Via Pedestrian TV

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SWATCH launched the brand new FULL  BLOODED WHITE watch at their flagship store re-launch yesterday, and celebrity Kelly Osbourne was one of the celebrities quite keen to show it off!

Looking similar to Chanel‘s Ceramic watch, Swatch gives you the look, but for less, and looks fantastic against a tanned wrist (for those of us in the southern hemisphere!)

Pop over to the Swatch store to view their entire collection …

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Here’s some backstage footage from the amazing event I’ve been featuring of late … the ZIAD GHANEM LONDON FASHION WEEK SS10 SHOW in collaboration with FIRETRAP!

Taking place @ the Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the show featured Ziad’s Ready-To-Wear collection — Maiden Britain — along with denim patchwork pieces created from Firetrap‘s original styles.

The capsule collection is due to be exhibited within London’s City Hall before going under the hammer @ auction in support of THE MAYOR’S FUND FOR LONDON.

Here’s some exclusive backstage footage of the show + after party which took place @ THE EAST ROOM in Shoreditch.

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